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This news page normally to keep members informed but the group's webmaster resigned and we don't have another. Until we get one the best place for up to date news is on the group's Facebook page.

Anyone want a job?

Sunday August 26, 2018
A very good callback tonight where the atmospheric interferance (read squashers) mostly stayed away. Thanks to the following people for participating - Dean, PK Rob, Good B Cer, Anne, Grum, PC, Lollypop, Deal, Darren, Blue, Rhino, Miss Deb, Steve, Jerremy, Quack & Kline, Cletus, Vag, Lee, Not Really Mate - Nah, Cricket, Tony, BA, Freo 1 (301) Rob, Ronnie, Captain Dale.

Sunday August 5, 2018
Thanks to all who participated in the callback tonoght. The following people registered their callbak - Dale, BA, Anne, Blue, Waffles, Stan, Steveo, Troll, Freo1 (301) Rob, Lollypop, Grum, Lee, Quack & Kline, Knot Mick, Could Do, 454, Jessie, Deal, Vag, Yoda, Mr G, Johnny (Dawsville), Area 51, Rhino, Dom.

Sunday July 22, 2018

A very successful callback tonaight without any of the regular pests. The following people braved the Perrth storms to register their callback - BA, Yogi (aka Petey), Cletus,Mr G, Lollipop, PK Rob, Cricket, Dave from Falcon, Adam, Captain Dale and listening via the website, Quack & Kline.

Sunday July 8,2018

Trying to restore the Sunday night callback proved a little hard. A couple of serial pests made it difficult. Despite that we recorded the following callbacks - Captain Dale, Petey, Uuntie Anne, Blue, Lee, Adam, Dinosaur Dave, Stan, Deal, Mr G, BA, RC, Lollipop, Johnie from Dawsville, Stew & Sandy, Grum, Cam and a new station from Hundingdale who wasn't able to get his name out due to the pests. All things considered, a good turnout.

Saturday July 7, 2018

After some feedback that the old website wasn't rendering properly on mobile devices we have changed the layout. The information is all the same. The old news will be added soon. Do you like the look? Any feedback welcome.

Saturday May 26, 2018

Following the outgoing secretary refusing to hand over control of the group's facebook page we have been forced to create a new page. It is a closed group but is open to anyone to join. Have a look at

Thursday May 24, 2018.

The Associations and Charities Branch confirmed today that following the passing of the special resolution by the members present, the application to disolve the association has been withdrawn

Tuesday May 22, 2018

Please note that the group's email address has had to change after the outgoing secretary would not release control of the previous email address. All of the hyperlinks on this website at the bottom of every page have now been updated to the new email address of

Sunday May 20, 2018

A special general meeting was held at Tomato Lake to consider the motion that the group not be disbanded. Following discussion the motion was carried unanimously.

Thursday May 17, 2018

Please note that Johno has today resigned as the group's treasurer.

Copied from the
Group's Face Book page, posted on May 9, 2018.

Hi all, As you are all no doubt aware, the repeater group is going through what could be best described as, a bit of turmoil. I am not going to pass any judgement or make any comment on what has happened, just detail what I understand has happened, the current state of affairs and outline a plan of attack to sort it out.
What has happened and where are we now?
The association received an enquiry from the Dept of Commerce (The associations regulator) following an official, in writing, complaint they had received from a member of the public.
The then secretary of the Association answered the query, explaining that an email request for a copy of constitution and copy of the group's financial records had been received from an anonymous person who was not a member of the association. The regulator agreed that it was a baseless complaint but asked if a proper register of names was kept, as required under the State Association's Act Of Parliament. The then secretary had to truthfully say that there were no recorded contact details for the members as they all wished to remain anonymous as per the nature of UHF CB radio.
The regulator indicated that if a proper register of members was not kept then the association should not be an 'Incorporated' association but should be an 'Unincorporated' association. These entities could exist and the group could continue as normal, without the need to follow the regulations to the letter of the law. They advised the association to end the ‘Incorporated’ association and continue as an ‘Unincorporated’ association. There are some quite stiff financial penalties for the management committee if they continued without following the rules.
The committee called a meeting where the motion was put to end the legal status of the association. This motion was passed and the paperwork submitted to the regulator.
I first heard of this course of action on the Sunday callback following the submission and immediately contacted the committee.
I provided information from the Act that indicated the if an association ended it's legal status (drop the Inc from its name), then all assets must, by law, be donated to a charitable association or another association as per the registered 'Asset Distribution Plan'. This would have meant that the group would lose basically everything, including the site the repeater is housed at. The regulator confirmed that this was indeed the case.
Because of the agreement in place with many parties at the repeater site, any new operator would need to gain the written approval of every other tenant at the site to be allowed in the door. One of the commercial operators had indicated previously to me that they would prefer to be the sole tenant at the site as they were not used to sharing sites. I believe there is a very slim chance, if a tenant left, that any new applicant would get the necessary agreement from all other existing tenants.
The secretary at the time then contacted the regulator and requested they halt the process of deregistering the association. The regulator is happy for this to happen. A copy of the minutes of the meeting where this decision is ratified, needs to be submitted.
Two committee members have since formally resigned in writing (Secretary & Vice-president) and a third (Treasurer) indicated verbally that they would resign in writing on return from holidays. Another committee member (president) is away on holidays and their intentions are not yet known. 2 ordinary committee members have indicated that they are willing to remain. So that's the sort of brief version of how we got to where we are at this point and how we got there. If there are no minutes provide to the regulator to reverse the previous decision, the association will be wound up and everything will be lost.
The plan.....
Under the current constitution if a vacancy occurs on the committee then the remaining members of the committee can appoint someone to fill the role until the next AGM.
At a meeting to be scheduled, hopefully on Sunday 20th May 2018, the remaining committee members appoint 3 members to fill the roles of the resigned committee.
A motion is put to rescind the previous motion to dissolve the association.
The minutes of this meeting with the decision are forwarded to the regulator.
The regulations call for the members register to have a 'Name' and a method of contact. The name does not have to be your full name, indeed it can be your CB name. The contact method however, must be valid. This can be a residential address, postal address, phone number or email address. I would suggest every member, if they do not wish actual details to be recorded, set up an email address such as ''. This will ensure that private details cannot be released as they will not be held by the group. In the interim, I have had an offer to use a PO Box and I have a PO Box that can be used. I am willing for members to use the PO Box as their contact address.
A simple register of members be made from those attending to satisfy the regulator. To be an association there must be a minimum of 6 names. These can be committee. If a member does not wish to give any contact details then they cannot be a member by law, and their $10 has to be treated as a donation.
After that is all done and dusted the constitution is still required to be brought in line with the new associations act of 2015. It should be made a simple and as flexible as possible whilst complying with the law, to minimise any regulatory burden for any future committee. There needs to only be 1 meeting per year by law, and that is an AGM. I would recommend that affairs of the group remain just private amongst members and not discussed on air. This will stop the majority of negative comment that seem to abound, from time to time, so to speak, per say. Sorry couldn't help that.
Sorry for such a long post, but it needs to be said. Any feedback welcome. Please tell me what you think. Happy to answer any questions.
Cheers, Tek Ray.

Thursday May 10, 2018

Please note that Vynka has today resigned her committee position and withdrawn her membership with the Perth CB Repeater Group INC.

Tuesday May 8, 2018

Please note that Cathy has today resigned as Secretary of the Perth CB Repeater Group INC.

Tuesday May 8. 2018

Please note that Lenny has today resigned as Vice President of the group and has also resigned his membership of the Perth CB Repeater Group INC.

Call back. 29 April 2018

A big thank you to Cathy for doing the call back this evening and thank you to all who participated. The list is as follows. Marky Mark, Tiny, Johnno, Waffles, Don, Petey, Auntie Anne, Stabby, Rhys, Johnny, 555, Lenny, Bluey, Lolypop

Public Notice

At the general meeting held on April 4th this month a discussion was had by the committee regarding the fact that our constitution was based on an old government template and that much of it’s content was not applicable and was in fact unworkable give the present day structure of the Perth Repeater Group Incorporated. It was agreed that a constitutional review was needed and that it would be done by way of liaising with the appropriate government department for guidance on the matter.
After initial advice from the governing authority the committee were advised that as our membership base was not properly recorded due to the fact that all members remain anonymous, that we technically do not have any real members and only sponsors that donate to the group. It was also pointed out that the committee could be held liable for a breach of the guidelines stated in the relevant legislation. The fact is that we do not qualify as an incorporated entity and were advised to de-register the incorporated association Perth Repeater Group.
After receiving this advice a special general meeting was called the following week on April 15. Most of the committee were prepared to resign their positions of office if this matter was not resolved at the special general meeting. A motion was put forward to de-register the incorporated association and appoint four voluntary administrators to oversee the maintenance, upkeep and service of the PER03 licence, radio infrastructure, website and social calender. All in attendance agreed. It was also agreed to publish a financial statement at the end of every financial year, to develop a new charter or statement of purpose and to change our identity to Perthrepeater3 inline with our website domain.
There will be some changes to the wording and structure of the website over the coming weeks so as to fall inline with the change of status. However nothing will change in principal. Members will become sponsors and will retain all the same privileges as members did before the changes. The social calender with the channel barbecues will continue as it always has.
If anyone has any queries or concerns regarding the changes please email
Please see minutes at link below.
Thank you.

Call back. 15 April, 2018

Apart from the usual serial pests this weeks call back went fairly well. The list is as follows. BA, Auntie Anne, Jesse, Johnno, Reveran Ronnie, Deano, Ben, Cathy, Lolypop, Cricket, Ian from Mandurah, Cameron, Captain, Waffles, The Don, Ashley, 555, Lee, Johnnie.Next call back will be April 29 at 7.30 pm.

Recent website outage.

As many of you will know, this website was out of service for a few days. This was due to the fact that we have just transfered our web and domain host to a new provider located here in Australia who's pricing is much more competative than our previous US host. The domain transfer took a little longer than we expected and is the reason for the outage. The transfer was completed this morning and we now have full control over our domain once again. If you are looking for a very competative web hosting deal here in Australia, please don't hesitate to check out our new provider at the link below.
Wombat Servers

Channel BBQ and committee meeting held last sunday 08/04/2018
A big thankyou to all who attended. Its always great to catch up with a few good operators for a BBQ. A great time had by all. Minutes for committee meeting can be found on the committee tab at the top of the page menu.
Next BBQ will be on Sunday june 24th at the Rockingham foreshore at 12 noon.


Next channel 3 BBQ and Committee meeting April 8 2018
To be held at Tomato Lake Kewdale at 12noon for BBQ and 11.30am for committee meeting. The following meeting and BBQ will be at Rockingham Foresore on June 24 at 12 noon for BBQ and 11.30am for committee.
Hope to see you all there .

No Call back. 04 March 2018
Due to the fact that channel 3 is currently out of service for maintenance there will be no callback this evening.

As many of you may already know, the repeater has failed in the early hours of 27th of Feb. Tech Ray has attended the site and has removed the repeater for some well needed maintenance and repair work. Estimated time for re installation and commissioning of the repeater is approximately two weeks or so. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but the repairs and upgrades to the repeater will help to ensure that is provides us with problem free operation into the future. Channel 3 has not been taken out of service for maintenance for many years and has had very little down time in the past years thanks to Tech Ray keeping things running smoothly. We thank you all both members and the general public for your understanding on the current situation.
Aunty Anne

Please keep an eye on this page for further information.

Meeting and BBQ at Bibra Lake. 25 Feb 2018
A great day had by all who attended. A big thank you to all who turned up. Link to minutes of meeting below. No photos from this BBQ. My apologies. Date of next channel 3 BBQ yet to be decided. Keep an eye on this news page or the facebook group (link below) for further info regarding the next BBQ date and location.

The perthrepeater3 facebook page is a closed group. Please send your request for approval to join the group if you are not already a member of the said group and would like to access the group. The group admin will aprove your request as soon as they can. Please be patient as this may take a few hours.

Call back. 18 Feb 2018
Another very successful call back this evening. A little chaos as usually. The call back list is as follows. Bluey, Peaty, Knot Mick, Dean, Darren, Graham, Aunty Anne, Lollipop, Deal, Tiny, Tech Ray, Plastic John, Danny, Dom, Ian, Ronnie, BA, Ashley, Cameron, Jessie, Wayno, Cathy, Tiger, Marky Mark, Dinosaur Dave, Johnny. A big thank you to all who participated this evening. Next call back will be on Sunday the 4th March 2018 at the usual time of 7.30 pm.

Call back. 04 Feb 2018
A very successful first call back for 2018. As usual a few of the regular serial pests were present along with a lot of chaos. However most of the call back was completed in a timely manner. The list is as follows. BA, Jessy, Dean, Aunty Anne, Cathy, Bruce, Johno, Wayno, Vag', Waffles, Cricket, Ashley, The Reverend Ronnie, Captain Dale, Stevo, Lollipop, Petey, Lee, Grum, 555. A big thank you to all who participated. Next call back will be on the 18th Feb 2018 at the usual time of 7.30 pm.

EFT payments now accepted
Membership and donations can now be paid via Electronic Funds Transfer directly to our bank.
Please visit the membership page for more information including bank account details. Thank you.

AGM 26 November 2017

Thank you to all who attended our 2017 Annual General Meeting and BBQ. The old commitee has been re-elected along with a new extra non office holding committee member.
The minutes for the AGM are available on the minutes page of this site via the committee page. Please see menu at top of page.
The next channel 3 BBQ will be held at Bibra Lake at 12 noon on the 25th Feb 2018. Hope to see you all there.
Please note that the old news page has been archived as it was getting rather long. Please see link at top of page for the old news page.